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Cold white od warm white?

Often, in the description of the color of light emitted by the source, we see various options: warm, cold, natural, neutral, daily, etc.

When we bought an ordinary light bulb - nobody gave us such a choice. What to choose and how to choose to don't [ ... ]

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LED - How to buy?

Which LED I should choose? How do I know what is good and what is not? How different is "LED bulb" for 20 PLN from the one for 150 PLN? Is it just matter of marketing?

After years of gaining experience about diodes, LED lamps and lighting market we feel [ ... ]

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LEDs and the heat

Many people ask - If LEDs are so efficient and "no heat" - what they need heatsink?

The answer is simple - the heat is the nature of light bulbs, but it's deadly for LEDs. The LED emits significantly much less heat than standard bulb, but is much more [ ... ]

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