diody a cieploMany people ask - If LEDs are so efficient and "no heat" - what they need heatsink?

The answer is simple - the heat is the nature of light bulbs, but it's deadly for LEDs. The LED emits significantly much less heat than standard bulb, but is much more sensitive to heat. The high temperature is necessary for standard bulb to work (average temperature of filament is 2200 ° C - 2700 ° C) but it is undesirable side effect for the diode (temperature of 180 ° C can destroy the diode quality). Low operating temperature of LED is a guarantee of its high durability. That's why it is important to minimize temperature of LEDs by proper heat sinks.

Our specialists have developed a new, highly efficient type of heat sink. It is aluminum alloy with excellent thermal conductivity characteristics.

In combination with high-quality printed circuit boards and carefully refined technology of assembly and quality control, heat sinks allow you to create a very durable and reliable lighting systems (provided the use of high quality components PowerLED).

To sum up - the large size of radiator does not have to mean high temperatures caused by the diode. Remember, that it is associated with the possibility of obtaining a high viability of the system. However this is only one of many conditions.

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